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Dear Members and Friends of the Leopoldina ,
Global health is becoming more and more important in our increasingly interconnected world . The Leopoldina has been investigating global health since before the COVID-19 pandemic . Back in 2015 – partially in the wake of the 2014 Ebola outbreak – it emphasised the importance of public health and global health in a joint statement with acatech and the Union of German Academies . The Leopoldina has since created a section dedicated to global health . Together with the Veterinary Medicine section , the Global Health section has put together the programme for this year ’ s Annual Assembly , “ Global Health : From Health Services to Climate Change and to Social Justice ”, due to be held in Halle ( Saale )/ Germany on 23 and 24 September ( from page 4 ).
Several of the statements published by the Leopoldina in recent years describe climate change and its impact on global health as one
Prof . ( ETHZ ) Dr . Gerald Haug , President of the Leopoldina of the greatest challenges facing
Image : David Ausserhofer | Leopoldina humanity . This is also reflected in this year ’ s statements by the G7 science academies on matters relating to health and climate action . The “ Earth System Science – Discovery , Diagnosis , and Solutions in Times of Global Change ” Report on Tomorrow ’ s Science , which was published in July , describes how research into the causes and consequences of climate change can be made more effective in the future ( page 8 ). As part of this , it is hoped that more targeted measures will be found to counter the health risks associated with climate change .
A greater number of women need to be involved in science and research . The statement on women in science published in September examines the extent to which this long-held objective is being met , which obstacles women still face and how we can break down these barriers to entry ( page 9 ). The Leopoldina will continue its commitment to improving support for women in science .
I hope you find this issue an interesting and inspiring read !