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Annual Assembly of the Leopoldina :

“ Biodiversity and the


Future of Variety ”

Friday , 24 September
9:00am Opening ceremony and presentation of awards and medals
10:45am Presentation of the Early Career Award 2020 and winner ’ s speech
1:30pm Scientific session I “ Biodiversity : monitoring and data collection ” with Katrin Böhning-Gaese ML ( Frankfurt am Main / Germany ), Sabina Leonelli ( Exeter / UK ) and Helen Curry ( Cambridge / UK )
4:15pm Scientific session II “ Renaturation ” with presentations by Harry W . Greene ( Ithaca / USA ) and Martin Wilmking ( Greifswald / Germany )
8:15pm Evening lecture on “ Biodiversity – impact and change ” by Christian Wirth ( Leipzig / Germany )
Saturday , 25 September
9:00am Scientific session III “ Biodiversity – the perspective of the humanities ” with Kärin Nickelsen ML ( Munich / Germany ), Ulrich Brose ( Leipzig / Germany ) and Manfred Krifka ( Berlin / Germany )
11:45am Scientific session IV “ Biodiversity and plant protection ” with Paul Schulze-Lefert ML ( Cologne / Germany ) and Urs Niggli ( Frick / Switzerland ))
2:15pm Scientific session V “ Food and health ” with Joachim von Braun ML ( Bonn / Germany ), Michael Wagner ML ( Vienna / Austria ) and Wolfgang Weisser ( Freising / Germany )
5:00pm Scientific session VI “ Diversity as a societal goal ” with Nico Eisenhauer ( Leipzig / Germany ) and Elke Weber ML ( Princeton / USA )
■ Upper floor , banquet hall Everything on the programme is subject to the coronavirus restrictions in place .
Annual Assembly programme
Christian Wirth won ’ t have very far to travel before he steps up to deliver the evening lecture at the Leopoldina at 8:15pm on Friday , 24 September .
The biologist is Professor of Systematic Botany and Functional Biodiversity at Leipzig University and the Director of the Botanical Garden . He is also one of the speakers of the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research ( iDiv ) at its Leipzig location .
His presentation on “ Biodiversity – impact and change ” is inspired by his area of expertise – functional biological diversity

Academy awards research , which is all about properties and changes relating to functional features along environmental gradients and the impact of the diversity and identity of species on ecosystem functionality and services .

Christian Wirth also works with his colleagues to advise associations , local authorities , administrative institutions and committees and to put forward solutions with the specific aim of conserving biodiversity , such as floodplain renaturation and the TRY plant trait database .
■ DW
Image : Swen Reichhold | Leipzig University
Seven Leopoldina prizes and medals for scientific achievements

The scientific achievements of ten exceptional scientists are being honoured at the Leopoldina Annual Assembly . Biophysicists Werner Kühlbrandt ML and biochemist Rudolf K . Thauer ML will receive the Cothenius Medal for a lifetime of scientific achievement . The Schleiden Medal will be awarded to cell biologist Nikolaus Pfanner ML , whilst the Mendel Medal will be going to human geneticist Stefan Mundlos ML . Mathematician Tanja Stadler and physical chemist Dominic Bresser will receive the Carus Medal for important scientific achievements by younger scientists . The Leopoldina Prize for Junior Scientists will be awarded to astrophysicist Hayley Allison and physicist Philipp Lorenz- Spreen . Historian Caterina Schürch ’ s outstanding dissertation will be rewarded with the Georg Uschmann Award for the History of Science . In addition Patrick Weigelt will receive the Leopoldina Early Career Award 2020 for developing biodiversity databases and for his research on plant biodiversity . ■ AB

Leopoldina awards and honours